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Taking into account our Art Deco inspired logo, we at Erika Winters®  Design are embarking on a new creative branding process. 


Erika’s passion for architecture and design is the guiding principle, and this time we are celebrating an exclusive Zanni-designed table to show for it. 


Our Zanni  Collection is more than just beautiful design, it constitute a lifestyle. It is for this reason that the Erika Winters' team has created unique-styled pieces that we present for all lovers of the original tables.


Our work is a cocktail of several creative ingredients. There’s definitely a retro feel to it, but it has a certain home-made or semi-industrial flavor too. 

They are part of a new vision, with a different meaning. These lamps are not part of a trend in the modern sense of the word, as they are unique objects created at a particular moment with a single purpose. Making them involves recreating a concept and sharing it with people. Designers and users need to identify with each other. That’s an essential part of the process.


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