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Erika Winters and Rodrigo Tuero, owner of Soul Motor Co. are passionate about recovering wonderful objects and discover their qualities. For my part, I found inspiration is those men and women  who set off on adventures to rediscover the world from a new perspective – seeking experience itself, gained on their emotion-packed journeys. Rodrigo is excited about giving a second chance to many of these incredible machines. It was not about recovering its components to the maximum, but trying to increase their potential, how with this BMW R 75/7 disassembled piece by piece, recovered and rebuilt in suspension and brakes that meet contemporary standards. But Rodrigo also wanted to go further and create an original intervention, inviting me as an interior designer to work on the chromatic details and graphics for the gas tank, saddle and accessories in order to respect the essence of the object while giving it a twist of urban modernity. We polished the metal gas tank to bring back its elegant shine, showing off the rarity value of its shape and year and then adding the Erika Winters Design logo-grid to heighten the impact. The charcoal-colored saddle balances the complexity of the gas tank design, and emphasizes its shape and personality that emerged during the reupholstering, recreating the complementary opposites of the feminine and the masculine. Both Rodrigo and I, like many friends who have shared a journey, love to rediscover the amazing places we have been able to experience on our road trips, hence our wish to share with our clients the opportunity to discover their own experiences in mechanical projects such as with the BMW R 75/7. Our idea is to encourage people to set off on their own journeys in pure “café racer” style, an ethos created by English pilots in the postwar years who turned British motorways into intricate racetracks, with the cafés along the way acting as the chequered flags. Infused with the same adrenalin that inspired these riders to modify their powerful machines to give them the power to match their skill, we create objects for those wanting to experience life. The Soul Motor Co. workshop, founded in 2009, is managed creatively and mechanically by Rodrigo Tuero in Colonia Roma, creating unique parts and recovering motorcycles for its customers. 



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