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This beautiful curved house in the Hillside of Los Angeles, was built on a hill, where a garden of herbs and fruits was developed. It has been built on concrete piles to achieve the shape desired by customers. Being on a hill, it has 180 degree views over the spectacular landscape and in all areas. The property, distributed on two levels, has an elevator. On the second floor there is a pool and a waterfall surrounded by tempered glass railings. Inside, we can find beautiful wooden floors that give warmth to the spacious place. The strong colors have been combined with lighter shades, seeking to create a visual balance and, at the same time, shape the personality of the customers in each space. Contemporary and sophisticated furniture fill the spaces: the comfortable and spacious living room has cream leather sofas and a glass table on a colorful carpet that breaks the monotony. These pieces combine beautifully and invite the inhabitants to spend time, especially in the company of friends and family. Finally, because the capricious curved shape of the house, some of the spaces and furniture were designed by the Interior Designer as the bar area and the dining room table.



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